On this page you can compare your PCB results with the systems stored in the PCB database.
Your results will only be stored in a session cookie on *your* computer.
That means, as soon as you close the browser window it is automatically removed.
Your data is NOT stored on my servers.

If you would like me to add your values to the database please send an email to public0116(☺)oette.info.
Attach the result files as well as two screenshots of CPU-Z running on your computer,
showing the CPU and Memory panes. The tests you submit should be single threaded or,
if multithreaded it should be CPU-Threads * 2.

A good command line for single threaded test is: pcbXXX.exe 15 1 yourLogfile_ST.txt.
A good command line for multi threaded test is: pcbXXX.exe 15 ZZ yourLogfile_MT.txt, where ZZ is VCPU_COUNT*2.

Thank you!