Thank you for your interest in PCB (the PC Benchmark Tool).

PCB is freeware (and open source).

PCB is used to measure and compare the basic computing performance of computer central processing units (CPUs). Similar to the DHRYSTONE and WHETSTONE benchmark the PCB runs several calculations and measures how much time the CPU spends processing them. The number of calculations per second allows comparing different CPUs.
PCB does not summarize the results into a „score“. It will instead return distinct results, so that you can tell in which areas your system is performing at which level:

The tool is supplied in different binary flavors (currently WINDOWS 95-10), so you can test IA32 / AMD64, SSE, SSE2 or AVX instructions / performance.
Additionally the C++ source code is supplied, so that you can build PCB for any platform that has a c++ compiler.
PCB supports multi-threading and a stress test mode, that allows you to ensure your system is running stable even under full load.

Download now here (source code included).